Wild Garlic

spring greens at last

Fiona and I want to create a hub, a debate, a crack about what wild edibles are out there. We’ll take it step by step just as nature does. We are not going to hurry the seasons.  We think the debate will roll out gently throughout the year, according to what is growing.

We know there is a difference between the north and south in terms of growing conditions. We want to understand this more fully.  This is where you come in?  Please let us know on this blog the unusual  (or not) dates you have spotted things growing, or any other anomalies in the wild edible plant world. Recently, the chef and wild food champion, Mark Hix, assured us that chanterelle grow year-round in the south of England. Has anyone else seen any activity in the mushroom department? And I don’t mean St George’s mushroom which should be out soon. Here in the north we have snow on the ground and so far, no chanterelle, Nor will we, I am guessing, until July.

When and where in the UK has the earliest wild garlic been spotted. Any recipe ideas that you want to share?  Any tips or facts that may improve or even change lives?  We need to know it all. This is why we want you to spread the word and use this site as in information highway, or should I say, by-way. We want to exchange information which will increase our knowledge and enjoyment of wild edibles.

One last thing. Why should you not eat rabbit during the wild garlic season?

2 Responses to Wild Garlic

  1. Xa Milne says:

    Howdy pickers,

    Out on a butter fresh spring day in early March walking the dogs I smell the overpowering notes of garlic before I see it. Young bright green spear shaped leaves of Ramsoms had pushed through the earth in the two weeks since I last walked along the banks of the River Almond.
    In my head, before I’ve even got home, I’ve already got lamb chops sizzling in the oven wrapped in pungent leaves, and the kids are eating baguette dripping in wild garlic butter. Later the car smells like I’ve stopped off for dough balls on my way to school. I promise it’s all natural. There’s punch in the air and kick in the earth. Spring is here.
    FOUND: March 7 (it had been out for 10 days I worked out) GUILTY OF: making me feel hungry.

  2. sabrina says:

    i been picking nettles in wormwood scrubs and making soup

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